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Elect Ray Barker

New Vision for West Louisville

  1. Public Safety:  

  • Reduce crime in District 5 

  • Develop programs that cater to the mentally ill of our community 

  • Develop programs to combat homelessness

  • Bridge the lines of communication between the community and the police


   2. Economic Development

  • Open up West Broadway by placing an On/Off ramp at 34th & Broadway (connected to Highway 264) 


3. Rebrand West Louisville  

  • Create new programs and initiatives to revitalize the community and strengthen the perception of West Louisville 


 4. Youth Programs  

  • Create a safe fun space in West Louisville for the youth 

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Louisville, together we're all in! whatever it takes!

Who is Ray "Sir Friendly C" Barker

  • 45 years of community advocacy and enrichment of West Louisville 

  • Veteran of the United States Marine Corp 

  • 20+ years experience mentoring youth throughout KY, IN, TN 

  • Retired police officer with 20 years bridging the communication gap between the community and law enforcement 

  • Kind hearted Christian and lifelong member of Green Street Baptist Church 

  • 15 years in corporate management over several Fortune 500 companies right in West Louisville 

  • Husband, father, and grandfather who’s family are also West Louisville products 


If you would like to volunteer with the campaign, please contact

Renee Rivers Ph: (502)715-5808



Henrietta Marables Ph: (502) 558-2311


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Unite West Louisville

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